Warm Up

Ceiling heating panels

WARM-UP ceiling heating panels by Raytech can be installed invisibly and built into the ceiling of any home, office, showroom, workshop, greenhouse, camper vans etc., maximising space and freeing up wall space. Their positioning does not require any invasive procedures on the walls of the room, and their electrical connection is extremely simple.They can be installed, possibly placing them at the points where maximum thermal efficiency is required, with any mounting system: hung with chains, flush mounted, or recessed in false ceilings, always easily and quickly. The type of heating, based on infrared radiation, which makes it similar to solar radiation, is safe and unharmful, quick, efficient and extremely comfortable.

Why choose the Warm-Up System?

  • It is installed without requiring any invasive procedures to be carried out on the structures of the house
  • It is easily unistalled for re-use in another context
  • Its radiated heat is safe, with no air movement, and does not dirty the walls and room
  • It is used for primary heating and for secondary heating as an integrative system, and optimises and reduces heating costs thanks to the RID-WL thermostat.

Class 2
degree of protection: IP44
Power required for comfort heating:about 60W/m²
(one Warm Up 1 panel every 4m²)
For primary heating with well-insulated walls:
about 120W/m²