Fox Box IP68

The 5 entrances jointing box with perimeter chamber pre- filled with gel to give the product the maximum lightness and capacity.

Kit includes accessories that maximise versatility and allow use with cables from 6 to 18 mm in diameter and with 16, 20 and 32 mm diameter cable conduits. The internal, gel-free compartment facilitates connection and any future disconnection with conductors. The gel, contained in the annular chamber of the box also contains, insulates and seals any armour continuity connections or shields.

  • Functional, elegant design
  • Ideal for exposed and safety systems and for video camera installation
  • Ready for use
  • Click and hook closure, does not require screws
  • Ready and installable in all environmental conditions
  • Also suitable for wet or flooded environments
  • No shelf life
  • Always re-enterable
  • Wall or external ceiling fixing system
  • Halogen free & UV resistant

Electrical performance: CEI EN 50393
as applicable
Gel: UL 94-HB
Halogen free:
according to CEI EN 50267 2-2
Self-extinguishing and resistant to abnormal heat and fire:
Glow wire test a +960°C according to EN 60695-2-11
Operating Temperature: 90°
Gel operating temperature:
-60°C / +200°C
Degree of protection:
IP68 (IMQ Officially Tested)
IP69K (Officially Tested)

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