Magic Power Gel Raytech

The unique bi-component gel in a single bottle, with superior dielectric, sealing and thermal characteristics, re-enterable and re-usable! Very sticky Strong self ...

Raytech Italy | 23-10-2019

Raytech - Happy Line Raytech

The revolutionary mini accessories with 3 entrances, pre-filled with gel and suitable for submersible installations (IPX8). Designed in 3 dimensions to rapidly ...

Raytech Italy | 10-10-2019

Heat-shrink terminations for indoor use up to 36 kV

Terminations for SINGLE CORE extruded cables up to 36 kV. Heat-shrink terminations are immediately energizable, fast to package and reliable.

Raytech Italy | 09-10-2019

Cold-shrink terminations for outdoor use 24 kV

Silicone rubber outdoor terminations with electric field control and bell-shaped insulators. For extruded cables up to 12/20 kV (Um 24 kV). The Raytech silicone ...

Raytech Italy | 02-09-2019

Fox Box IP68 - IP69K

The 5 entrances jointing box with perimeter chamber pre- filled with gel to give the product the maximum lightness and capacity. Kit includes accessories that ...

Raytech Italy | 17-01-2019

Little Joint Dino IP69K Test

IP69K test The IP68 and IP69K micro-joints, pre-filled in gel, space-saving complete with connector and minimal aesthetic impact. Equipped with cable glands ...

Raytech Italy | 17-01-2019


Barney Y and Fred Y micro joints for branch connections complete with terminal block. Extremely compact and space-saving, pre-filled with soft, highly ...

Raytech Italy | 16-01-2019


IP68 and IP69K, gel pre-filled micro joint, space-saver complete with connectors and with minimal aesthetic impact. Equipped with cable glands to avoid ...

Raytech Italy | 16-01-2019

Ready Box IP68

The 4-way junction box pre-filled in gel, complete with integrated terminal board and cable glands for pentapolar cables up to 16 mm. • Ready to use • Snap ...

Raytech Italy | 16-01-2019

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